12.26.21 Not Home Alone

12.24.21 The Foolishness of Christmas

12.19.21 Christmas at John's House

12.12.21 Christmas at Luke's House

12.05.21 Christmas at Mathew's House

11.28.21 Christmas at Mark's House

11.21.2021 Jesus is Lord    

   11.14.2021 The Power of a Penny

11.07.2021 On Being Presbyterian, Part 2: Decently and In Order

10.31.2021 On Being Presbyterian

10.24.2021 Vindication and Restoration

10.17.2021 Beware of Counsel Without Knowledge

10.10.2021 Hope for the Forsaken

10.03.2021 Why Suffering?

09.26.2021 Never Waste a Good Church Fight

 09.19.2021 The Old and The New

09.12.2021 9/11 Plus 20: Let Us Stand Up Together

  09.05.2021 "Get Up and Eat"

08.29.2021 The Gift of Encouragement

08.22.2021 Never Say "Never" to God

08.15.2021 Brother Saul

08.08.2021 In The Right Place at the Right Time

08.01.2021 The Promise and the Price

07.25.2021 The Bond of Service

07.18.2021 Obedience: It Isn't Just for Dogs Anymore

07.11.2021 Warts and All

07.04.2021 Damage Control or "Who's in Charge Here?"

06.27.2021 You Can't Give What You Don't Have

06.20.2021 Are We 'Doing Church' or 'Being Church' ?

06.13.2021 In The Meantime

06.06.2021 Take, Eat and Live

05.30.2021 Homo-ousious, Homoi-ousious, Who Cares?

05.23.2021 Babel No More

05.16.2021 Prayer, Providence, and a Roll of the Dice

05.09.2021 What a Jesus We Have in Friends

05.02.2021 Abide in My Love

 04.25.2021 "By the Sound of the Voice"

 04.18.2021 "Look at My Hands and Feet" 

04.11.2021 Holy Heartburn 

04.04.2021 An Idle Tale or The Gospel Truth?

03.28.2021 Tears on Palm Sunday

03.21.21 How Short Was Zacchaeus?

03.14.2021 Hell in the Here and Now

 03.07.2021 Held in the Embrace of Extravagant Grace

02.28.2021 Reflections of a Fill-in Pastor

02.21.2021 Bread for the Journey

02.14.2021 Give Me Your Undivided Attention

02.07.2021 Stars, Grasshoppers, Eagles

01.31.2021 What Is This?

01.24.2021 Living By Faith is a Lifestyle

01.17.2021 I'm New Here

01.10.2021 Through Troubled Waters

01.03.2021 Following the Light