Presbyterian Church History

Church History

On October 29, 2023 The Presbyterian Church of Wilmington will celebrate its bicentennial.
In the following series of recorded interviews, congregational members share their oral history: 

Past Places of Worship
Our Current Church Home
Ministry and Missions
Church Talents
A Caring Congregation
Why We Come
Growing the Church
Leading Into the Future      

The Presbyterian Church of Wilmington, Ohio is one of the oldest churches in Clinton County, founded in 1823.

Members worshipped in private homes as well as at the Baptist Church in Wilmington.  In 1830 a sanctuary was built on the corner of Locust and Mulberry Streets, and enlarged in 1890.  In 1965 the church relocated to 223 Randolph Street.  We have worshiped here on Timber Glen Dr. since July 2000.

The Vision of the Presbyterian Church of Wilmingtonis the foundation upon which we as a congregation build our future as a community of faith. A vision provides us with the path to follow in order to put into practice our beliefs and our missions. A vision defines us as individuals, a congregation, a denomination, and a community. Without a unified vision we cannot move forward in a focused and defined manner in order to accomplish the goals we establish for ourselves. While our vision needs to be defined, it need not be restrictive, thus allowing it to be inclusive of our varied members, present and future, as well as allow us to adjust to changes in our collective environment. A vision takes into account our Missions and our Beliefs; what is and what should be in God’s world. By forming our vision we are able to bring these two factors closer together.

The community in which we live is evolving. We are a rural/urban community, blessed with quality academic institutions, a strong agricultural presence, a growing commercial base and increasing diversity. The face of our community is changing economically, ethnically and religiously. We are very active in our community working to spiritually enrich the lives of those around us through our witness to the love of Christ.

We can recognize the following strengths:

  • The education programs we have for our young children
  • Our church facility
  • The quality of our worship services
  • Our fellowship and social activities, the way we care for each other
  • The use of our facility by groups from our community
  • Missions that we have performed, locally and internationally

In order to be faithful to the leading of the Spirit we have developed these recommendations:

  • Growth as a spiritually faithful church
  • Growth in evangelism
  • Growth in mission

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Cristina Lewis,
Mary Zaycosky,
Administrative Assistant
Sara Maus,
Director Christian Education
Jen Burgess,
Music Director
Liz McAllister,